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Mettaurs Vs. Sniper Joes

The year is 23XX. The original Mega Man X has been missing for a long time. Some think he is dead. Anyways, back to the point. With the original Mega Man X gone, the crime rate in Megatopia has been on the rise, mostly due to a gang of rogue Mettaurs and their leader Master Mettaur. Shortly after a police organization called the Sniper Joes was established, but they were no match for the constantly growing number of Mettaurs. Now a team of teenagers (and a 10 year old) that were mysteriously bestowed with BioMetals from a mysterious entity team up with the Sniper Joes as a last line of defense against the Mettaur Army. Will they succeed? You gotta read to find out. PS: Important announcement from the Sniper Joes: Not all Mettuars are evil, just the rogue mettaurs led by the Notorious Master Mettaur. So don't go falsely accusing every mettaur that you see. That is all. Characters: 1. Eddy aka Model XL (Pingas260XL) 2. Fabian(ZeroTH) 3. Ollie aka Model S (Stormgunner) 4. Fanatico aka Fanatico (Fanatico) 5. Jack (Jack232) 6. M???M??? (???) 7. Sniper Joes 8. Rogue Mettaurs 9. Good Mettaurs 10. Vice aka Model V (???)



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posted by StormGunner @ March 31st, 2010, 11:20 am  -  1 comments

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